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A most beautiful elephant

Mark Deeble


In a meeting recently in London, I described a particular elephant as, “the most beautiful I’d ever seen” and when questioned further, added that she was “elegant”.

I surprised myself.

There were a few smiles around the table and the conversation moved on; I didn’t think too much about it. Then, last week, back in Tsavo I found myself describing her to a fellow pilot, in case he spotted her from the air. I used the same words and then, when he raised an eyebrow, quickly added, “her tusks are beautifully proportioned”.

It set me thinking about what constitutes beauty in an elephant.

Perhaps surprisingly, elephants differ in appearance throughout Africa. Populations of elephants are rather like those of humans; those that share a common ancestry share common features. Once you have your ‘eye in’ you can distinguish an elephant from Kenya from one from Botswana or Namibia.

Savannah elephants…

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Protestors of Squirrel Slam say hunting contest ‘is a crime against nature’

Exposing the Big Game

By Tom Rivers, editor 19 February 2014

HOLLEY – Edita Birnkrant doesn’t want to take away anyone’s Second Amendment rights. But she does want to make shooting animals illegal when it’s part of a fund-raiser.

Birnkrant is director of Friends of Animals in New York. She will be in Holley on Saturday for the 8th annual Squirrel Slam. She may be joined by hundreds of FOA supporters from several states.

”We share the landscape with wildlife,” Birnkrant said by phone this afternoon from New York City. ”I see this as a crime against nature.”

Friends of Animals plans a peaceful protest near the Holley Firehall from 4:30 to 6 p.m. on Saturday. Birnkrant was in Holley last year for the Squirrel Slam and she said some of the hunters taunted her with dead squirrels, holding them out towards her as they passed by for the weigh station at the firehall.

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